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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Feed me...

I received a movie from TLA yesterday called Feed, directed by Brett "Lawnmower Man" Leonard. I'd heard of this sick little bitch of film, of course...it's gotten quite a lot of coverage in some of the...ahem...major genre publications. So, imagine my delight when I got this in the mail.

I've only watched about a half hour of the film. I started watching it last night, and I got really tired (I've been zonked out on Percoset for a couple of days here...root canal therapy will knock you on your ass). From what I've seen thus far, though, this is going to be a bitter little pill to swallow. I'm going to review the living crap out of Feed, but in the meantime, go out there and get yourself a copy.

It's one of the sicker movies (just based on the first half hour, I remind you) that I've seen in a while. You'll never look at a morbidly obese person the same way again...and that's a promise.

-Matt signing off...


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