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Thursday, September 07, 2006

So, I get an email from Dante Tomaselli yesterday. Dante, as you know, is the director of the hallucinogenic Desecration, the even more hallucinogenic Horror, and the somewhat more hallucinogenic and more traditional Satan's Playground (my review of the latter coming soon).

Dante's been working on his new film The Ocean, and so far, all signs point to it being (you guessed it) hallucinogenic, though somewhat more traditional than any of his work thus far. In an effort to keep me posted, Dante told me the following:

I have the best news coming up. Please please keep this off the record. This is a secret. But I am in talks with someone to produce THE OCEAN (my next film). And that someone is..."

...ahem. And that's all I can say. Well, almost...
Dante did tell me who that person is. It IS adimittedly cool news, and I would very much like to share that news with you. Sometimes, though, I've just got to stay cool and keep things quiet...or mostly quiet, anyway.

Suffice it to say that this mystery producer is a big name...a BIG BIG name. That's really awesome news for Dante, his future, and his film.

So, as soon as Dante says, "post that fucker", I'm going to break the news officially.
-Matt signing off.


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