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Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm going to the Spooky Movie Film Festival in Fairfax, VA this weekend. Well, at least part of it. I'll be there pretty much all day on Sunday (October 29), watching movies, promoting Atrocities Cinema.com ('natch), and acting as a "special guest"! I'm introducing Christopher Alan Broadstone's short film Human No More (starring Tony Simmons) as the kick-off film for a block of short films on Sunday afternoon. I'll also be handing out some cool swag and prizes, so if you live in the area, get your butt over to www.thespookymovie.com and buy some tickets!

It's going to be a hoot. A hoot, I tells ya'! I'll post news about some of the other films I see when I get back.

-Matt signing off...


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