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Monday, September 18, 2006

Takashi Miike and the Beans of Ultimate Destiny...

Last night, I watched Takashi Miike's epic The Great Yokai War, and I've got to say, I never thought that the director of Audition and Ichi the Killer (and more recently, the banned MoH episode Imprint) would have it in him to make an effective "kid's" movie. Well, calling it a "kid's" movie isn't exactly fair, as The Great Yokai War has much more violence (some of it quite graphic) than any kiddie-flick would ever have here in the states.

The film is kind of a cross between the Harry Potter films, Lord of the Rings, every manga you've ever seen/read, Arthurian legend, and The Neverending Story. Here, a young boy becomes the unwitting master of a mythical sword, and the ally of "good monsters" who co-exist with mankind...albeit on a different plane of existence. When a "bad yokai" decides to take on the world, and teach mankind a few lessons about being such wasteful, lazy bastards, the boy and his monstrous allies must wage all-out war on the bad guy and his robot minions.

I'm not going to spend too much time on this, as only die-hard Miike fans (like myself) are even going to be remotely interested (hence the lack of a full review for this flick on Atrocities Cinema.com). However, it's a damned fine flick, suitable for most ages (it is, however, a bit questionable for its target audience of 8-10 year olds), and it's chock full of cool special effects, heroism, goofy slapstick humor, and what are unquestionably the most important beans in motion picture history. That' right...beans...when/if you see The Great Yokai War, you'll fully understand.

You could do a lot worse, so seek it out and see another side of Miike.
-Matt signing off...