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Special Ongoing Feature

Atrocities Cinema.com in Association with Eye in the Sky Entertainment Presents...
"Project Underground - Ongoing Coverage of the Production of David Boorboor's THE UNDERGROUND"
By Matthew Dean Hill

August 30, 2010 - Introduction...
What follows is a journal of a film, moving through the early stages of preproduction, into the depths of the sheer mania that is production, through postproduction, and finally and hopefully, release...and beyond. My account will be presented in the first person, from my own perspective, and I'll be sharing with you my thoughts during my association with the production of David Boorboor's upcoming feature film The Underground. This journal will serve two purposes. First, it will provide news and updates as to the production/release status of this film, which I'm excited to cover based on the strength of the concept and the evident passion of those involved; this could very well prove to be not only a good horror flick, but also, very potentially, an excellent, profound, and even important piece of cinema. Second, the journal will (I hope) provide an inside look at the struggles and victories...the hurdles and triumphs that are absolutely inherent to the world of film production. In short, my purpose is to not only inform you, dear reader, but to entertain and enlighten. Wish me luck in accomplishing that goal. Wish the filmmakers luck in accomplishing theirs. Stay tuned for updates. My involvement will run from the passive to the absolutely aggressive...from looking in from the outside, to trying to claw my way out from the inside. Cheers, and awaaay weee goooo...

-Matthew Dean Hill

August 20-22, 2010 - On the evening of Friday, August 20, 2010, I had arrived at the Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill, NJ after schlepping from Washington, DC. I was tired, a little cranky, and desperately in need of a drink. So, before I even wandered down to the vendor rooms, I hit the "Embers Lounge"...the onsite restaurant/watering hole in the hotel...and grabbed a beer or two. Slightly more relaxed and a bit more socially lubricated, I made my way into the vendor rooms, and bumped into the usual cast of unwholesome characters, including some old friends. Being my first con in about two years, I was feeling slightly out of the loop, but man, after just a few minutes, I felt right at home again. So, after spending a bit of money and hobnobbing with two particularly attractive young female authors, I noticed what at first seemed to be a rather unassuming table, covered in T-shirts, and staffed by a big, kindly-looking young black man. The table veritably screamed "low budget indie film", but they had a cool poster hanging up for a movie called The Underground. Call me a dork, but artfully-presented posters featuring old, dark houses get me every fucking time. So, magnetically, I sidled up to the table, cleared my throat, and began to introduce myself. The gentleman behind the table was all too happy to make my acquaintance. He introduced himself as Craig, one of the cowriters of the film in question, which he informed me was in the early stages of preproduction. I took a look at the scant materials on the table...T-shirts, a few business cards, and a couple of pages of what appeared to be laminated graphic novel or highly-detailed storyboard pages. Meanwhile, Craig proceeded to give me a brief rundown of the story. It's to be a supernatural thriller, it seems, rather than (strictly speaking) a "horror movie". The story involves a young woman who returns to her hometown in New Jersey to spend time with her ailing father, who's living on borrowed time. After reconnecting with old friends, she begins to experience strange visions and perhaps apparitions in her childhood home. Figures from out of a shady, uncertain past appear to be beckoning to her...guiding her...to a hidden doorway in the crumbling basement of the house. What she discovers there causes her, and everyone she loves, to have to come to terms with the past, in order to have a sane future. [Revealing much more of the plot at this point would tread dangerously close, as far as I'm concerned, to spoiler territory, so throughout the course of this project, I will reveal of the plot only that which is important to reveal, and not a damned thing more.]

Intrigued by the concept, I asked Craig if it would be ok if I spoke to the director and others involved (they were away from the booth, this being literally minutes into the convention). So, I handed him my card, and told him I'd be around. After tying a few on with Riley at the Evil Brand Clothes booth (his gimmick this time around was to give free shots of Jack Daniels to anyone who bought one of his branded shot glasses), and then visiting my old friend Bill Zebub at his table (more drinking), I wandered back over to the Underground table a few rooms over. Now, a much larger cast of characters was present, including a jovial, friendly-looking, and interestingly named gentleman named David Boorboor. We chatted informally for a while, and he gave me the bigger picture of his project. Clearly, this guy has passion, it occurred to me; he knows the language of film, and his heart's in the right place. He has a story to tell, and a vision via which to tell it. Now, he's just got to go that extra mile to go from pre-pre-production to actual production. A few days later, David and I had a lengthy phone conversation, wherein we discovered that we're quite alike in a lot of ways. Same rough age, similar outlook on life, a lot of the same cinematic influences, both married/no kids. During this chat, we talked more about the story of Underground, in its current draft at least, as well as casting ideas, visual/aesthetic concepts, and more. Out of that conversation was borne the idea. I'm not just going to "cover" this production, but I'm going to cover the living shit out of it. That is, I'm going gonzo...as much involvment and coverage as the subject, the production team, and my own sanity can take.

So keep checking this space...I'll post more news as it becomes available, or until I am able to squeeze more out of David Boorboor and his cohorts. More to come on this exciting project. Wish me luck, and more importantly, wish a great deal of luck to Eye in the Sky Entertainment.

- Matthew Dean Hill

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